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Please read this page before starting RALPH@home

Due to the computationally intense nature of the RALPH@home application ("Rosetta"), your PC may overheat when running Rosetta, particularly if it is a laptop. Additionally, machines that do not have enough RAM can experience problems as they use virtual memory and continuously write to disk. Please be sure your PC meets the recommended system requirements listed below.

If your machine does not meet the minimum system requirements, we recommend that you do not start the RALPH@home project. If you have already started the project and decide it is too demanding on your PC, stop the BOINC client process or if you are using the BOINC Manager, "Detach" the RALPH@home project. There may be other BOINC projects that are suitable for your machine.

Operating System Hardware Available Disk Memory
Microsoft Windows  
Windows XP 500MHz or higher 800MB 1GB
Windows 2003 Server 500MHz or higher 800MB 1GB
Windows 2000 500MHz or higher 800MB 1GB
Mac OS X 10.6 500MHz or higher 800MB 1GB
Red Hat Linux 8.X, 9.X 500MHz or higher 800MB 1GB
Mandrake Linux 10.x 500MHz or higher 800MB 1GB
Debian Linux 3.0 500MHz or higher 800MB 1GB
Android ARM 4.1+ (with PIE support) 500MHz or higher 800MB 1GB
BOINC Client

The latest version of the BOINC client is recommended. BOINC version 4.19 is not supported.

Internet Connection

Any type of Internet connection (e.g. dial-up, broadband, ISDN, LAN) is suitable, however, slow connections like dial-up may take a long time to download the Rosetta application and database files when you start the RALPH@home project for the first time.

Additional Notes

If your computer is turned off when RALPH@home is still running, the application will pick up where it last left off when you start it up again. You only need to connect to the internet at the beginning of a "Work" set to get input data and at the end to send back results. Some "Work" sets may not complete successfully even if your system meets the minimum requirements.

If you are running multiple BOINC projects using the BOINC Manager, we recommend setting your general preferences to "Leave applications in memory while preempted." To do this, after creating an account, do the following:

  1. Click the "Your account" link on the main home page under "Returning participants" or click the "Participants" link above.
  2. Login if you haven't already.
  3. Click the "View or edit general preferences" link on your account page.
  4. Click "Edit preferences".
  5. Select "yes" for the "Leave applications in memory while preempted?" option.

Please refer to the Questions and answers forum for more information.

Continue to --> Download Page

Download the BOINC software for your type of computer, install it, and run it. When prompted, select Rosetta@home from the list of projects.

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