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JKeck {pirate} ("I watch people play games for a living, I am a casino supervisor. In my spare time I BOINC...")
Julian Ellis ("Hi there fellow boincers I was born in 1969 and I come from Liverpool, England. I started...")
JimB ("57 yo Retired US Navy Saturation Diver, now SysAdmin for middlin\' size data center. ")
John Greer ("Owner: [b]Business Continuity[/b] Consulting and Software Development...")
Jason Haynes (" Hello My name is Jason ,I live on the Isle of Wight in the UK.I\'m 33 years old...")
jack78 ("Pochodzę z Polski, ze śląska. Powinno wystarczyć :P")
John H. Koch ("I\'ve been involved in the world of computers and networks since 1992. I first got involved...")
Jesse Charles Wagner II [USA]
Jon Melusky ("age: Sept 15 1967 occupation: book seller and buyer hobbies: rollerblading, tennis,...")

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