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1) Message boards : Number crunching : unable to upload (Message 2214)
Posted 21 Aug 2006 by Rollo
Yes, restarting the boinc cc fixed the problem for me as well. Question is why this is happening, sounds like a cc problem, but i'm no expert.

It is just I wild guess. The ralph server was moved to a different location. Maybe the IP-address was changed, too. Boinc takes very long the adjust itself to a new IP. You can force boinc to do so by restarting.
2) Message boards : Current tests : New crediting system (Message 1987)
Posted 12 Aug 2006 by Rollo
How about declaring a 2 week test period, when you deploy the new credit system to rosetta? After that period the new credits will by erased if there are serious flaws. So everybody can have a look and start complain :).
I would announce that all comments on the new system made within the first week will not be read and deleted. So everybody is forced to take a break of one week before he can complain. Hopefully that helps to get more comments of quality.
3) Message boards : Current tests : Weird.. I kept the 60 minutes switch between Applications (Message 1390)
Posted 27 Apr 2006 by Rollo
That is the way boinc works. The switch between application means that boinc checks after 1 hour which application should be run during the next one. It depends on your project share and your long term debts, which application it is. So in your case boinc decides that rosetta is the next candidate and after one hour it is rosetta again.
e.g. you have a share of 25 and 75 for two projects, that means that boinc will let one prject run for 1 hour and the other one for 3 (if there is no long term debt involved).
4) Message boards : RALPH@home bug list : Report \"stuck at 1%\" bugs here (Message 1250)
Posted 19 Apr 2006 by Rollo
This WU got stuck for more than 5 minutes without any movement at the graphics.
Than crashed before I could abort it. Version 5.00

<message>Unzulässige Funktion. (0x1) - exit code 1 (0x1)
# random seed: 3887865
# cpu_run_time_pref: 3600
ERROR:: Exit at: line:411

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