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Posted 17 Feb 2006 by Ziran
Preferences are not by pc, we only have \"home work school\" to select

In my \"home\" I have 1 pc @ 166 mhz
and another pc @ 5000 mhz

So, I can select 8 hours of work to \"home\"

Does this means that after 8 hours of cpu time
the slow pc, as well the fast pc
have done their job(s) ?

Short answer yes, but not exactly after 8H.

From how I understand things it works like this. If you set the preference to 8H the target runtime for the result is 8H. It wont be exactly 8H because it finishes the last started predicted structure. So every time the result completes a structure it checks if it have used more then 8H of processing time and estimates whether or not the next structure will take it over 8H.

So if the last structure take about 2H, the result actual time could be 6-10H

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