1) Message boards : RALPH@home bug list : minirosetta 2.03 (Message 5017)
Posted 22 Dec 2009 by Profile ANCHULA-MARK
11 out of 15 died within 30 secs the other 4 are still running @ 10+mins

Task ID 1686211
Name homopt1.t369_.t369_.IGNORE_THE_REST.S_00001_0000857_00042.pdb.JOB_13568_1_0
Workunit 1489861

ERROR: Conformation: fold_tree nres should match conformation nres. conformation nres: 147 fold_tree nres: 148
ERROR:: Exit from: line: 234
BOINC:: Error reading and gzipping output datafile: default.out
called boinc_finish

2) Message boards : Cafe RALPH : Team Recruitment Thread (Message 4929)
Posted 23 Aug 2009 by Profile ANCHULA-MARK
Team England (Boinc) has risen to 60th position in the World Rankings with over 200 million credits and with an impressive RAC are fast moving towards a place in the world top 50.
We are in the top one hundred on nearly every active Boinc project and have team radio on Last FM. Why not check out our forum and join us today.

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