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Posted 25 Mar 2018 by Mumps [MM]
On my predominantly AMD based fleet, almost all 64 bit 4.07 tasks are ending in error after about 1 minute. All hosts seem to be fine running the 32 bit tasks. The logs report an exit signal of 11, which I believe translates to SIGSEGV, normally an invalid memory reference.

It looks like it may be related to a missing/corrupted download, because a rare host does seem to be able to complete tasks run with the 64 bit app, while all seem to be able to do so with the 32 bit app. Any suggestions?


Good host:
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Posted 29 Aug 2015 by Mumps [MM]
Yup. Most are good on my linux hosts, with a handful of immediate compute errors.

stderr out

process exited with code 255 (0xff, -1)
command: ../../projects/ -run:protocol relax -ex1 -ex2aro -in:file:boinc_wu_zip -in:file:s 00001.pdb -in:file:native 00001.pdb -in:file:fullatom -relax::default_repeats 15 -relax:cyclic_peptide -score::weights talaris2013_cst_modified.wts -out:file:silent default.out -out:file:silent_struct_type score -silent_gz -mute all -nstruct 10000 -cpu_run_time 3600 -checkpoint_interval 120 -database minirosetta_database -in::file::zip -boinc::watchdog -run::rng mt19937 -constant_seed -jran 3171761
Registering options..
ERROR: Option matching -relax:cyclic_peptide not found in command line top-level context

My guess is something strange in the configuration on those particular WU's. Maybe the -relax:cyclic_peptide option is missing a required parameter there?

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