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Posted 1 Mar 2006 by Morten Starkeby
I can confirm that

01/03/2006 01:40:25|ralph@home|Scheduler request to succeeded
01/03/2006 03:29:49|ralph@home|Aborting task HOMSb7_homDB025_1b72__226_7_0: exceeded disk limit: 203574047.000000 > 200000000.000000
01/03/2006 03:29:49|ralph@home|Unrecoverable error for result HOMSb7_homDB025_1b72__226_7_0 (Maximum disk usage exceeded)

is due to an abnormal stdout.txt

Halfway through the WU, it was over 150 MB.

I tried deleting the file on one WU, and then I did not get such an error.
Here is the result of one where I deleted stdout.txt after about 60% of the WU: 12095

I did not babysit it until completion, so I am not sure what the final size was.

Here is one where I did not delete the stdout.txt:

This was with Boinc beta version 5.3.22

I do not remember the exact warning in the stdout.txt file that got repeated, but it was three lines that got repeated several about 100000 lines pr model in the WU. Something about "full atom" requested, but not specied, therefore not computed.

I will try various client versions, both beta and stable to see if I get the same results the next time I receive some work units from Ralph.

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