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Message 1233 - Posted: 19 Apr 2006, 2:46:09 UTC
Last modified: 19 Apr 2006, 2:46:23 UTC

RALPH version 5.01 has been release for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. I have been provided no information as to weather you should finish the Work units you may have now or abort them. My advice would be to finish them, but the Project team may change this.
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Message 1263 - Posted: 19 Apr 2006, 23:47:42 UTC

The new app 5.01 has some new science stuff and some new error-catching stuff that we\'re testing.

On science, we\'re testing a more aggressive minimization protocol (it led to a lot of errors in ralph release 4.98; we think we\'ve got the fix), and a cool folding procedure that involves \"stapling\" parts of the backbone together and making cuts elsewhere. The latter procedure is called \"jumping\" for esoteric reasons.

On error-catching, we now have the app aborts if it hasn\'t made progress after 5 restarts (this should prevent clients with big jobs from tackling the same hard workunits over and over again).

Coming soon (I guess ralph 5.02), we\'ll have a \"watchdog\" thread that should abort Rosetta if it gets stuck in infinite loops!

By the way, my apologies for announcing the release of 5.01 yesterday; I had updated the app but didn\'t realize that we needed to restart the feeder daemons. So they were sending out jobs with the old app!

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