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Tom Philippart

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Joined: 24 Jun 06
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Message 1870 - Posted: 24 Jun 2006, 17:35:24 UTC

I\'m new to Ralph, after running rosetta for some time.
Do I have to submit bugs on the message board or is it also automatically done by the ralph@home application?

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doc :)

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Joined: 16 Feb 06
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Message 1872 - Posted: 25 Jun 2006, 13:21:33 UTC

some debug information should be collected by default if my memory is right, but it is very welcome if you report bugs/crashes in the appropriate thread up in the ralph@home bug list forum.
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Profile Inais

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Joined: 30 Jul 06
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Message 2169 - Posted: 19 Aug 2006, 0:23:44 UTC

So - let me say hello to all of you. Today I received my first WU\'S for chrunching. Before I was envolved in Rosetta too.

So far - Inais.
I wish I can fly like a bird in the sky
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