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Message 2626 - Posted: 15 Dec 2006, 1:56:40 UTC

I noticed that the new applications have had a very short test time before migrating to Rosetta from RALPH. I have also noticed that there have been a lot of revisions in a short time. Would it help to increase RALPH time before releasing to Rosetta?
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Message 2664 - Posted: 8 Jan 2007, 13:36:10 UTC

I don\'t have a complete answer for you, but just wanted to point out that from what I can observe, the amount of testing done on Ralph is highly dependant on how dramatic the changes are that they have made to the application. If they bring out a completely new adaptation, like docking, they test considerably longer they if they just eliminate a few bugs or start on new proteins.

Also, they have their own farm in Bakerlab and test there before Ralph. So they have a pretty good testbed already.
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Message boards : Number crunching : why so little test time?

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