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Message 3444 - Posted: 5 Nov 2007, 11:57:22 UTC

I am unable to join a Team, seems the error is Link has timed out! I have rushed the effort as much as possible on my part but still getting an error to join any team with: \"Link has timed out. Please click Back, refresh the page, and try again.\" I have done what the message says about 5 times now with no change.

Can you help? Trying to Join \'AMD Users\'
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Message 5124 - Posted: 22 Apr 2010, 3:21:13 UTC

I don't even get a join link for SETI.USA ...

I do get a link for BOINC Synergy, but, don't want to re-join that team and then not be able to quit ...
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Message boards : Feedback : Joining A Team - Unable

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