What is RALPH@home?

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Blind Protein Structure Prediction High-Resolution Protein Structure Prediction Protein Design Protein-Protein Docking

What is RALPH@home?

RALPH@home is the official alpha test project for Rosetta@home. New application versions, work units, and updates in general will be tested here before being used for production. The goal for RALPH@home is to improve Rosetta@home.

Please consider the following before deciding to join:

  • Since this project is a testing environment, applications and work units may be unstable at times.
  • Credits and other competitive statistics do not mean anything in this test project. Credits may be lost due to instabilities and may be reset at any time for testing.
  • There will not be a continual flow of work units. Work units will be issued only when necessary for testing.
  • We urge participants to not abort work units to help with testing.
  • Please set the resource share low for this project compared to other production projects in your RALPH@home preferences.
Please join us in our efforts!

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