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Message 792 - Posted: 2 Mar 2006, 20:33:31 UTC
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David Kim has sent the following information concerning RALPH Version 4.91,

"I updated the windows application today. The previous version was a debug build that was running far too slow to provide useful information. Many of the reported 1% bugs were likely work units that were not reaching the checkpoint before being preempted.

The current Windows version (4.91) is a release build (built with visual studio 2005) that I hope will handle most of the buffer overflow and nested exceptions that we are seeing.

Ralph version 4.91 has exception handling code that I hope will be able to handle some of the errors.

Users do not have to set their systems in any particular manner but it would be helpful if they abort work units using older windows application versions so I can see what kind of errors get produced with the current app.

I am going to update the code again soon to use the current BOINC api code. I noticed the BOINC team has added a number of bug fixes in the api recently, and we will want to take full advantage of those improvements.


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Message boards : Number crunching : RALPH Version News! - Version 4.91 released!

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