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Message 944 - Posted: 22 Mar 2006, 3:45:43 UTC

For those who are running any of the older releases, please reset the RALPH project to pick up the new bits.

This release contains all the fixes from the previous release plus some additional enhancements to track down the '1% bug.'

When a workunit is aborted additional information is going to be logged with the result when it is reported back to the server.

Here is what some of that additional information looks like. This additional information shows where the program was at and what it was doing at the time that you aborted it. With enough of these we should get a pretty good idea where the '1% bugs' are comming from.

The previous method for dealing with this bug involved using a debugger on a remote machine and creating a usermode dump file. For those who don't know what that is, it is a 350MB file that contains all the data the program was managing at the time the dump was taken. It proved to be to labor intensive to walk many people through the process and get the dump files over email. So with a little bit of tweaking last night I adjusted things so that I could get the information when you all abort the workunits.

So if you abort a workunit because of the '1% bug' on Ralf please log the result id here

Thanks in advance.

----- Rom

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