I joined but no email with logon data

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Message 966 - Posted: 23 Mar 2006, 23:03:44 UTC

I joined but I have not received any email notice from you. Where is it??

Chuck Etienne

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Message 969 - Posted: 24 Mar 2006, 15:05:35 UTC
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Some ISP's block e-mail from certain sources. This has been a problem for some time with some BOINC projects. That said -

When you joined the project did you use the attach function in the BOINC manager to create the accounts or did you signup through your web browser on the project homepage?

One way of getting around the e-mail blocking problem is to create an account on a service such as Yahoo or Hotmail for your BOINC projects. Neither of these services block e-mails from most sources.

You can trigger a resend of the e-mail by using your browser from the project website as well. That option is available as part of the login process.

If you have trouble logging in you can recover your project account number from the Client.state.xml file on your system. That file is stored in the BOINC Files directory. The number will be on a line tagged as <host_cpid> for each project. You can cut and paste the number portion of the line into the field for project ID number when the system asks for it.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : I joined but no email with logon data

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