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Message 2959 - Posted: 30 Mar 2007, 13:17:03 UTC

I'm new to boinc and i've just finished some particles.. But apprently they keep stuck on my machine?.
Boinq shows it as "staat klaar om te raporteren" which is in dutch and translated would mean
"is ready to report"

But ehm, it isnt reported?
Do i have to do something special to send results.
I'm using a cable connection so there should be no reason it would need to hold up results localy, i think.

It might also be that i'm not that familiar with boinc and that i do need to do something, but i dont no what i have to do, to submit my answers.

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Message 2960 - Posted: 30 Mar 2007, 14:19:07 UTC

It means your result file has been sent (i.e. "uploading" is complete). The next time your machine updates to the project, these will be "reported" and then removed from the task list.

No worries. BOINC takes care of it.
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Message 2984 - Posted: 2 Apr 2007, 15:23:49 UTC
Last modified: 2 Apr 2007, 15:25:42 UTC

In the projects window you can click the project and then press "Update" to report results manually.
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