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Message 227 - Posted: 18 Feb 2006, 17:52:08 UTC
Last modified: 18 Feb 2006, 18:06:39 UTC

I signed up for Ralph at 15:33 GMT today and during the 2.5 hrs since then my client has requested work 14 times and each time it gives me the same message 'No work from project'.

Is there a problem with the server? Each time it requests work it returns the message 'Scheduler request to succeeded' which is immediately followed by the 'No work from project' message'

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Edit:- Sorry, just found the problem being covered elsewhere. Please ignore this question.
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Message 318 - Posted: 19 Feb 2006, 16:53:59 UTC

This is not a problem. The RALPH project is an ALPHA test platform. There will be many times that work is not avaliable. That is the nature of ALPHA testing.

Please see the FAQ thread for more information.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : No work from project

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