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[B^S] sTrey

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Message 4202 - Posted: 14 Sep 2008, 8:50:32 UTC

I'm wondering why my MacBook Pro is now getting this message. It's always been classified as i686-apple-darwin when it returned work in the past; those executables are still in the project directory. That's the platform it is to the other projects it's currently running -- including the rosetta main project, from which it just downloaded some work.


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Message 4261 - Posted: 11 Oct 2008, 9:15:57 UTC

I second.

The Rosetta main project works perfectly on my trial MacBook Intel, but the computer receives no Ralph wus from the present queue of tasks, the message in the title being the sole explanation.
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zombie67 [MM]

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Message 4325 - Posted: 30 Oct 2008, 0:51:04 UTC

The server needs to be upgraded.
Reno, NV
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Message boards : Number crunching : platform x86_64-apple-darwin not found

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