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Message 4429 - Posted: 18 Dec 2008, 22:37:54 UTC

If I have any Ralph work units available, I'd rather spend 100% of all my available cpus and time to exclusively run Ralph WUs.

When there are no Ralph work units, I'd like to run all available processors for Rosetta.

Is this kind of behavior I described even possible with BOINC?
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Message 4433 - Posted: 19 Dec 2008, 8:44:42 UTC - in response to Message 4429.  

Not exactly but you can get close. Set your resource share for Rosetta to 1 and RALPH to 100. Then after one Rosetta tasks runs another will most likely not be downloaded until you have done many RALPH tasks unless RALPH is unable to supply new tasks. You can make the difference more extreme if you want but it is unlikely make the behavior much different. The lowest that will work is 0.001. While higher numbers will work it is best to stay under 1000 on the high end.

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