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Message 6137 - Posted: 27 Feb 2017, 7:51:00 UTC

During IWOCL2017 (International OpenCl Workshop) will be another Workshop about "Distributed & Heterogeneous Programming in C/C++"

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Future Heterogeneous programming C/C++ proposals (SYCL, Kokkos, Raja, HPX, C++AMP, Boost.Compute, CUDA …)
ISO C/C++ related proposals and development including current related concurrency, parallelism, coroutines, executors
C/C++ programming models for OpenCL
Language Design Topics such as parallelism model, data model, data movement, memory layout, target platforms, static and dynamic compilation
Applications implemented using these models including Neural Network, machine vision, HPC, CFD as well as exascale applications
C/C++ Libraries using these models
New proposals to any of the above specifications
Integration of these models with other programming models
Compilation techniques to optimize kernels using any of (clang, gcc, ..) or other compilation systems
Performance or functional comparisons between any of these programming models
Implementation of these models on novel architectures (FPGA, DSP, …) such as clusters, NUMA and PGAS
Using these models in fault-tolerant systems
Porting applications from one model to the other
Reports on implementations
Research on Performance Portability
Debuggers, profilers and other tools
Usage in a Safety security context
Applications implemented using similar models
Other C++ Frameworks such as Chombo, Charm++ C++ Actor Framework, UPC++ and similar

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