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Message 559 - Posted: 24 Feb 2006, 6:21:22 UTC

I'm seeing some bizare behavior from a wu that is running on a P3 600 Linux (Fedora 4) w/ 768 MB ram.

The configuration is set to remove the wu from memory when pre-empted.

The work unit gets to a point where it is not doing anything and just sort of sits there and does NOT consume any CPU load. I don't know when it is happening (within the 60 minute cycle), but it is definitely occurring while ralph is running. It's not crashed and boinc isn't crashed either. If I restart the boinc service it restarts where it left off and runs normally.

I've been running a Boinc beta (5.2.15) and I just downgraded it back to 5.2.5 to make sure that boinc itself is not the culprit. Hopefully the client does not update anytime soon where I had to shift my configuration on the server to keep the wu in memory in order that Windows wu's can process (another thread).

The wu in question is:
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Dimitris Hatzopoulos

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Message 594 - Posted: 25 Feb 2006, 0:34:05 UTC

Hi, I've had "hangs" as you described with R@H (not with RALPH sofar, but I've only run very few RALPH WUs).

Let's try to find possible common things between our setups:

1/ BOINC version
2/ RAM
3/ Linux kernel
4/ R settings (leave in mem=Y/N)

In my case

BOINC 5.2.14 (optimized) by Crunch3r
256MB RAM (only)
Linux kernel 2.4.27
R set to remain in mem while pre-empted

I was suspecting a memory issue, because it was a commonality with CarlosP's setup, but in your case you've too much RAM (786MB) so perhaps we can rule it out.

I wonder if it could be some race condition when the BOINC app starts Rosetta... But, I've ran 8 different BOINC projects on that Linux, and only Rosetta had this problem.

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Message 760 - Posted: 1 Mar 2006, 2:20:46 UTC - in response to Message 559.  
Last modified: 1 Mar 2006, 2:23:24 UTC

I have the same problem. The work unit has been stuck at 2:35:34 and 32.36% for a long time...

Boinc version 5.2.13
Ram 512K
Linux kernel 2.6.12 (Ubuntu distro)
Leave in memory = N
Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz

I tried to "unstick" the work unit by suspend/resume, but as soon as I hit resume, it switches to another project. What to do?
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