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Posted 29 Mar 2006 by david baker
I believe I asked for this 38 days ago in this thread when I said "If they set up a clock trigger with fine resolution, rather than updating % done with an event trigger, they might better locate the bug. I.E update a thousand times/wu and if you start seeing 4,5,and 6% bugs you'd know where (approximately) the lockup was occurring."

hope they find it now.

and you were right! I wish we could make these things happen faster...

2) Message boards : Current tests : Switching between projects with applications removed from memory (Message 1004)
Posted 28 Mar 2006 by david baker
I just started running Ralph ON SEVERAL MACHINES, SO FAR NOT A SINGLE ONE has crashed, stalled or pulled the 1% trick. I have it set to remove applications from memory and have discontinued Rosetta, (no new work). The reliability of this version (4.92) seems great.

If you're curious, I'm running older equipment and Win2k Pro. Right now I have Ralph on a slew of PIII 600E's, and an AMD Atlon XP 1500. I could be more specific if it is relevant.


that is great! what are other people finding?
3) Message boards : Current tests : March 24 updates (Message 996)
Posted 27 Mar 2006 by david baker
In the latest version Rhiju and I have added more continual updates to
"boinc_fraction_done" which shows up as the "percent complete" number on your computers. the digits to the right of the decimal point indicate where in the folding process the calculation is stuck, and you should see them updating as the calculation proceeds from ab initio to fullatom relax. so if/when you get a stuck job, please report the percent complete as this will allow us to localize the part of the calculation where the "sticking" is happening.

Rom has also added improved backtracing capabilities to allow him to better find the bugs.

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