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1) Message boards : Current tests : Rosetta Mimi 1.03 locking up Boinc on windows (Message 3628)
Posted 16 Jan 2008 by Profile WyerByter
There was a message on the BOINC Alpha mailing list. It appears that this is due to a strange interaction with Mini and BOINC. Particularly, the previously mentioned tree has some files that are read only (SVN files). When BOINC fails to delete them, it assumes that it has been locked by another process (One that will release shortly) and tries to delete it again. They have put in a fix for Version 6, and Dr Anderson has requested that it be ported back to 5.10.x.

Of course if it was possible to remove those files from the archive, or remove the read only attribute, that would also solve the problem.

I currently have a mini working, I have removed the read only attribute from the whole tree, I will try and post again when it finishes, as to success or failure.

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