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1) Message boards : RALPH@home bug list : minirosetta beta 3.50-3.52 apps (Message 5807)
Posted 4 Jan 2015 by Werinbert
All errors
Options::initialize() Check specs.
Options::initialize() End reached
ERROR: Option matching -corrections:score:hb_sp2_peak_heigh_above_trough not found in command line top-level context

The same problem is still around. I got a hand full of tasks and they all errored.
2) Message boards : RALPH@home bug list : Rosetta Mini Beta 3.53 (Message 5792)
Posted 4 Sep 2014 by Werinbert
I am currently running a bunch of WUs already on two windows machines. None the less, I am getting a "Rosetta Mini Beta is not available for your type of computer." message when my computers are looking for new work.

Could anyone elaborate? Has there been some sort of change in the last hour or so?

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