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Posted 19 Aug 2011 by uBronan
That is exactly how einstein got to an working gpu processing portion of the work

In the first betas it seemed as if gpu did not enhance any of the work, and even did sometimes worse then the normal cpu version.
But later they took another approach and with some help got to a now perfect working gpu units system which partially (much of it ) uses the gpu

Still some work gets done by the cpu simply because of the complexity of this work.
That approach is not uncommon and in time the gpu languages will evolve as well, which would give a better way of handling the intructions.
I myself had hoped that opencl would make more progress so all can benefit from an open standard, so many scientist would get access to this huge powers more easily.
2) Message boards : Current tests : Ralph & Rosetta optimized for GPU CUDA ? (Message 5377)
Posted 16 Aug 2011 by uBronan
Well just my two cents on this matter are :
They just should try one of the gpu guru's out there which made it possible to a few projects which are now famous (milkyway/collatz)
Its simple you have to trust the knowledge available from for instance crunch3r. Which as far as i know helps all projects who was struggling with conversions to gpu processing.
Or maybe Raistmer who is another guru already busy transforming seti into a multi gpu environment first at nvidia but since a while also on ati.
If these guys don't see a fresh approach on how to do the actual math and can not find a performance gain into gpu processing then its simply not possible.
But more and more projects finally starts learning from the knowledge available from the user base.
Now i know thats sometimes its hard to think different but its a learning process and sometimes needs some fresh ideas how to approach a certain problem
Ofcourse i do not expect that a project has a working solution in a short time but as we can see on einstein they are experimenting with it as well.
This project has also very complex calculations but slowly we see some minor progress in the development in their beta software too.
In that project some parts of the jobs can be assisted by the gpu as a old school co-processor which in time will speed up some parts of the work.
Opencl is in itself not yet mature enough the reason is simple nvidia who is also in this open standard should help work on it, but does not really want it to succeed.
They rather see their cuda adopted that is why its more mature, to be honest i do actually believe they do more harm then good in opencl.
The ati stream processing is not a good solution if you need complex work been done ( but if it can do it will do it lightning fast) the commands available todo work are very limited.

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