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1) Message boards : RALPH@home bug list : Bug reports for Ralph 5.22 (Message 1808)
Posted 10 Jun 2006 by Migo
DK has compiled rosetta for the Mac Intel platform! It runs fast too!


(and it does run fast)

2) Message boards : Current tests : mac os x / intel (Message 1047)
Posted 8 Apr 2006 by Migo
Ya, I would gladly help with my (brother's) new intel iMac. Using the beta version of BOINC manager and new SETI/Einstein apps, this thing screams, so I am just waiting to let it loose on Rosetta.
3) Message boards : Feedback : Mac Intel Application? (Message 107)
Posted 17 Feb 2006 by Migo
Any work being done on getting the Rosetta/Ralph applications to work natively on the new Intel Macs? The current apps have to be run under Apple's PowerPC emulation deal, and it's about half as fast as if it were to be running native.

Not that there are that many out there, but I have one, and I want to use it to it's fullest potential :)
4) Message boards : Current tests : Mac OSX graphics (Message 106)
Posted 17 Feb 2006 by Migo
The graphics come up fine, but when you close them or exit the screensaver, the little icon in the dock stays there, and if you choose quit (from the menu you get when option/right-click the icon), the workunit restarts.

Nothing major, just really annoying - as if my dock isn't cluttered enough. Can't you have it run as a background service or whatever and not show up in the dock?

(BTW, the same thing happens with other projects' graphics, so maybe it is a deeper problem)

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