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Posted 5 Oct 2010 by Profile aendgraend
I still haven't heard anything. Can please someone answer my Question or just forward the Question to someone who can answer it?

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Posted 24 Aug 2010 by Profile aendgraend
May I second this Question? I have a really urgent Request and cannot find any Mailaddress to contact a Admin.

3) Message boards : Cafe RALPH : Forum Moderator Contact thread (Message 5161)
Posted 22 Aug 2010 by Profile aendgraend

I'm writing on behalf of our Teamfounder MichaelR as he asked for some help with English in our Forum.

I'm writing to ask if someone can help us with an Issue regarding our Team SETI.Germany at the RALPH@home BOINC Project.

Our Teamfounder [SG-SPEG]MichaelR.(/url] wanted to adjust our Website-URL, which has changed recently. He made a Mistake and used a Dash (-) instead of a Point (.) in the Teamname. So now the Team is named SETI-Germany in the Stats. Unfortunately the Team was re-imported (as we guess) automatically from the BOINC-wide Teams Database.

For now we can see 2 Teams, one named [url=]SETI-Germany
and another named SETI.Germany.

What I'm asking is if someone could please delete the re-imported Team SETI.Germany (Team-ID 1443) and rename our original Team (Team-ID 50) from SETI-Germany to SETI.Germany Just replace the Dash (-) with the Dot (.).

I'd appreciate very much if someone could help here or link this Request to another Person who can help us.

Thanks and
Best Regards

aka Andreas

Admin-Team SETI-Germany

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