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Posted 14 Jan 2016 by Old man
With 3.70 release a got strange bug - it looks like BOINC goes to infinite loop while extracting new RALPH WUs - disk work very hard non stop (it is classic HDD on this PC, not SSD) but WU can not load.
After ~15 min of non stop disk work i open process explorer to look what happening. I notice this:
boinc.exe process constantly reading and writing something to/from disk.
minirosetta_beta process (there was 3 of them on 4x core CPU, 4th was from WCG and work fine) starts, running for some time with low CPU utilization and exit. Then start again, work for some time (like ~1 min) and exit. And so on.
BOINC Manager (GUI) was not responsive at this time - it work, but not updating any status and not respond to any commands like pause or abort WUs (looks like it lost connection to boinc.exe, or boinc.exe not responding).

So I kill all BOINC and rosetta processes via process explorer and restart BOINC.
Same thing happened again - BOINC stuck while try to start 3 new RALPS WUs in parallel and stress HDD hard.
This time i try another thing - instead of killing minirosetta_beta process i suspend (pause by OS) 2 of 3 processes. 1 still running and after some time begin work normal: utilize full CPU core, stop hammering HDD, BOINC Manager begin work normal too.
Later i resume 2nd minirosetta_beta - it start OK, and 3rd minirosetta_beta - all OK too.

I do full restart - all work fine after restart too. And i can not reproduce this bug anymore.

It looks for me like latest BOINC ( i use 7.6.9 x86) or RALPH have some sort of timeout for loading(starting) of new WUs. And it is set to relative low value (like ~1 min). And if few rosetta WUs try to start at same time it slow downs classic HDDs so hard (because of extracting a few thousands small files for each WU from archive) so run out of this timeout and get restarted in a loop.

Hey. I started running ralph today and i havent seen any troubles with my hdd. I have rosetta mini beta 3.70 version of program.

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