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1) Message boards : RALPH@home bug list : All fail (Message 7048)
Posted 1 Sep 2021 by bozz4science
Mixed picture for me. About 50% of the tasks get validated. About 10% are deemed invalid and the remaining 40% have an error while computing listed.

In all tasks be it invalid or valid I do see the following errors listed in the stderr file.
ERROR: Called Constraint::remap_resid method from derived class UNKNOWN_TYPE,ended up in Constraint::remap_resid
ERROR:: Exit from: line: 188

For the error during computation ones I see the following quite often:
ERROR: ERROR: Unable to open file %%id040%%.pssm!
ERROR:: Exit from: line: 256
BOINC:: Error reading and gzipping output datafile: default.out
2) Message boards : RALPH@home bug list : All fail (Message 7035)
Posted 24 Aug 2021 by bozz4science
Same on my end on a Win10 host.
3) Message boards : Current tests : New app in VirtualBox (Message 7001)
Posted 29 May 2021 by bozz4science
The radio silence is disappointing…

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