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1) Message boards : RALPH@home bug list : Rosetta Python (Message 7011)
Posted 17 Jun 2021 by Jim1348
- i reduced the runtime from 6 hours to 2 hrs.
- i crunched correctly 3 wus (5323336, 5323342, 5323341) in 3 hrs each.

I am not sure I was working on the same thing, since I was not doing the Ralph ones, but all four completed in less than 6 hours, even though I had the 24-hour work units selected.
So I had the impression that they did not pay any attention to the time you selected.
2) Message boards : Current tests : New app in VirtualBox (Message 7002)
Posted 30 May 2021 by Jim1348
It is now version 0.20.
They are working hard on something.

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