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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Tasks are not actually using the CPU (Message 7493)
Posted 24 Feb 2024 by Fardringle
Progress/estimates seem to move normally for a while according to the BOINC Manager, but then slows down to nothing once the task gets to around 99%. This appears to be at least partially due to the fact that the tasks don't ever actually use the CPU, no matter how long they are allowed to run. For example, the current batch of tasks running on one of my computers has been in progress for about 36 hours, with only 34 SECONDS of actual processing time.

I probably should have just aborted the tasks a long time ago, but I was curious to see if they would ever actually complete...
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Request: Increase of deadline for Virtualbox-using rosetta python app (Message 7476)
Posted 8 Jan 2024 by Fardringle
Adding to the complexity of completing these tasks on time, most of the tasks have finished in about 1-2 hours on my Ryzen 9 3900X, but I have several that have been running for 12+ hours already with no solid estimate of when they might be completed. So it could be very easy to get stuck on some of these long tasks and have the rest of the cached tasks expire before their deadline.
3) Message boards : Current tests : Test spotted (Message 7435)
Posted 12 Nov 2023 by Fardringle
Yes, let them try to run to completion, especially on an older computer that might take a while. I had a few take 4-6 hours on my pretty fast Ryzen 9 3900X, so a slow computer could easily take several times that long to finish.
4) Message boards : Current tests : Test spotted (Message 7433)
Posted 10 Nov 2023 by Fardringle
I received a total of 12 tasks from this test batch. Five completed successfully. Seven have failed due to the virtual machine becoming "stale" when the application thinks that it was stuck. In each of the failed tasks, it looks like the VM task was put into a paused state instead of shutting down, and then because it was in an unexpected state the application/task marked itself as invalid.

And it does not seem to be related to the actual run time. Some of the successful tasks completed in about 15-16 minutes. Others took several hours to finish. The failed tasks have a pretty wide variety of run times as well.
5) Message boards : RALPH@home bug list : Rosetta 4.23 (Message 7319)
Posted 24 Mar 2023 by Fardringle
All of the tasks that I received for this app say that they completed successfully, but had a 100% validation failure.
6) Message boards : RALPH@home bug list : All fail (Message 7053)
Posted 6 Sep 2021 by Fardringle
Surprisingly, I did have two tasks in the current batch complete successfully, but the vast majority failed the same way as others have reported here.

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