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1) Message boards : News : Rosetta version 4.18 released for testing (Message 7103)
Posted 15 Dec 2021 by michaelcaine668
The second storage option internally is also present. The other option is "choose the region to be stored in".
This option allows you to select your preferred location. You can pick or replace the region that suits you of your choice.
Click"Continue". The new page will open with a page for selecting a region.
Here is the list. You can select the region using the search.
The selected region will be highlighted in Garmin com express blue.
Only the region you have selected will be downloaded, other regions won't be downloaded.
If the area you're interested in is not available then you'll need an SD card or memory card with Between 4 and 32 GB.
If you wish to download the entire map, join to the SD card. Click the Continue option. The download or update process will start.
When the update is completed, Garmin com express will let you know about the benefits by displaying the form of a green box.
Once you have done that, you can remove or unplug this Garmin express device from your computer.
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2) Message boards : News : The android app has been updated to version 3.80 (Message 7102)
Posted 15 Dec 2021 by michaelcaine668
First, you must open a web browser on your computer device.
Then visit and press to enter.
This will take you to the garmin express web page.
When you are done, you'll be able to click an option to download "Download to Windows".
Click here to activate the button, and the download will start.
Do not close the browser or switch off your computer. Wait for the download to complete and go to the installation process to install the express.[/url]

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