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Posted 24 Apr 2008 by Profile Guy Pauwels
Belgium, a small country with a great team: BOINC.BE

Today BOINC.BE entered the top 20 of all projects combined. A remarkable achievement for a team from a relatively small country like Belgium. With our recent average of over 600K/day we rank even higher, at position 16. This means that we can rise even further.

As a national team we only let 5 countries before us: the US, Germany, Canada, Australia and the Czech Republic. But we want to do better. We reach the vast majority of crunchers in the north of our country. We would like to launch a special appeal to our friends in the south to join our effort. Help us build a top team where all Belgians feel at home in a friendly, multilingual team and forum.
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Posted 6 Oct 2007 by Profile Guy Pauwels
Triple celebration at BOINC.BE

Bring on the crates of champagne. has reasons to celebrate.

- The team has reached the historic milestone of 100 million credits.
- Giorgio is now the number 1 cruncher in Belgium.
- We have risen to position 28 in the world ranking.

Great achievement, everybody. Keep filling those glasses.
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Posted 9 Nov 2006 by Profile Guy Pauwels
The 2 largest Belgian teams BOINC.BE and Belgian MoOo Farm have joined forces. Together they will take on even bigger challenges and put Belgium on the Boinc map.

Belgian MoOo Farm lives on as a subteam of, alongside BAT,'s special operations subteam. The subteams independently choose their course and can join the other subteams in their actions. Or take them on head-to-head in internal competions.

If you are from Belgium, or just like Belgians, come join us at If you have an own Belgian team and would like your team to be part of our effort to put Belgium on the Boinc map, come talk to us in our forum at

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