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Description Calm Chaos--a bold idea. Sifting through the rhetoric to explore the facts.

There are teams that recruit members based on philosophy, others that recruit based upon what Distributed Computing projects they prefer. We are neither of these and no demands are made of new members. We do encourage all who would join to consider our community a class room fully expecting to learn and have every opportunity to contribute for we believe you have something special to offer. Every Team Member has a voice and each individual's voice is heard and given equal weight.

Calm Chaos is an International Team.Out of diversity comes knowledge and understanding.

At Calm Chaos, everyone is welcome to join us in our forum conversations, chats, and semi-heated debates. Regardless of whether or not you join the Calm Chaos team, our forums are open to all. We are a laid back, easy going group that allows people to be just who they are, individuals; individuals whom may be philosophical, funny, serious, even quiet, whatever your style - you are welcome at “your” Team; Calm Chaos.

Calm Chaos has something for you. The camaraderie and sense of belonging are yours for the taking.

For those who join our eclectic Team; we can add the “Calm Chaos” text to ANY of the available Avatars; or even to the Individual’s own Avatar. We do not however require that you add the text NOR use one of our Avatars. If you choose to do neither of these, it is perfectly acceptable to us as our first order is to allow you to be yourself. If you are on the fence about joining Calm Chaos feel free to get to know us first it could be that Calm Chaos is the right team for you. If you wish to get to know us anonymously before joining, feel free to look around the Calm Chaos forums and you may even ask questions to aid in your decision.

Our look may be a bit dark, but we are always looking for the light of truth. Go not quietly into the night but make a great noise in calling forth the light.

Our emphasis is not of blatant numbers production for its own benefit but the inclusion of and assistance to all equally. It does not matter if you run one computer or many; your voice and your effort hold equal weight and are just as important to us. When you reach your decision to join, you will be welcomed to the Team with open arms, and open minds. We are confident that Calm Chaos has something for everyone, evidenced by the selfless giving of all our members who have made this possible, and all are encouraged to participate anyway they wish to make Team Calm Chaos the most enlightening and enjoyable experience it can be. Happy crunching, and ALWAYS remember, we are the Calm amidst the Chaos!


Created 22 Jan 2007
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