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Description Welcome to the Team AnandTech Distributed Computing Forum! Here you will find plenty of great folks who would be glad to help you with the technical side of setting up and running distributed computing applications. You will find people who are more passionate about numbers than some mathematicians. You will find a great community who enjoy having [slightly] off topic discussions and helping each other immensely in real life. So what is this "distributed computing" thing anyway? Distributed computing describes a system in which client systems receive work involving calculation of some sort from a server, perform the computation, and then send the results back to the server. Thus, it is possible to employ thousands or millions of personal computers, surpassing the power of many supercomputers. You might ask, why would I want to donate my spare CPU time and electricity to something like this? A quick overview of the variety of projects listed below may well convince you that the very small cost of electricity required to run a computer 24/7 (hint: turn off the monitor to save power) is well worth the difference you can make in your project’s area of scientific research. Some projects look outward into space, to look for extraterrestrial life, pulsars, and other things. Others look around, to chart the development of life on the planet, or predict future weather patterns. Yet others look inward, to analyze the structure of atoms, molecules, or proteins. Each project can have a great impact on the development of science in its area, and you can help! Project website quick reference, by category: * Cryptography OGR:RC5-72 PrimeGrid (still alpha) * Life Sciences CHRONOS Community TSC D2OL Find-a-Drug Folding@Home Predictor@Home Rosetta@Home Ubero UD Cancer Research * Mathematics ECMNET Euler Riesel Sieve SB - Seventeen Or Bust SZTAKI Desktop Grid ZetaGrid * Puzzles/Games Chess Brain * Science Climate Prediction DHEP DIMES Internet Mapper DPAD eOn Einstein@Home Evolution@Home LHC@HOME Orbit@Home (still beta) PlanetQuest (still alpha) Seti@Home-BOINC World Community Grid XtremLab (still beta) * 3D Rendering BURP (still pre-alpha) * Discontinued But Still Active SETI@Home-Classic If you would be interested in running one of our TeAm Projects, please visit our TeAm AnandTech Websites: The Reddeye Xpress hosted by "Wolfsraider" TeAm AnandTech DC Projects hosted by "amdxborg" Look over the various projects. Most are very easy to set up and run, don't require 24 hour/day operation (but once addicted, you may just do that), and have almost no effect on the operation of your everyday PC(s). For a general overview about Distributed Computing and various projects, please visit Kirk's Dstributed Computing Info site. If you have a question, please jump right in and ask ... or just say hello! You'll be glad you did, and we will, too!
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