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Facing drug charges could lead to severe consequences and hence it is always better to hire a drug possession lawyer Houston who can guide you and handle court procedures to safeguard your interests in the case. The punishment varies based on the amount of drug possession, controlled substance and the intention whether it is for personal usage or sale. Whatever might be the accusation it is better to leave the case in the hands of an experienced attorney who knows how to represent the case in the court of law and protect your constitutional rights. The punishment could range from 180 days to 99 years of confinement, fine up to $250,000, enrolment in a drug rehabilitation center and random drug tests. However, when you hire the services of a professional drug possession attorney, he shall come up with the best defence strategies to prove your innocence in the case. The lawyer shall check if there has been any constitutional violations in the case like the police officer entering your home without a valid search warrant, frisking you though you posed no safety threat, no proper reason to stop you or your vehicle for search which could lead to dismissal of your case from the court. It is upon the prosecution to prove the case beyond doubt while the defence lawyer would come up with strategies to prove your innocence by raising doubts about the confidentiality of the informants, or the drugs have been implanted without your knowledge and many more strategies depending on the circumstances of your case

The DWI DUI laws Houston are very strict and in case you have been accused with these charges it is better to look for an experienced dwi dui attorney Houston to avoid complex and serious legal issues. The DWI DUI punishments vary from jail time to fines, personal restrictions and license revocation that can have adverse effect on both your personal and professional life. These charges could also lead to loss of employment, public disapproval, higher insurance rates and DWI that cannot be expunged from the criminal record. To avoid all such circumstances, it is better to approach an experienced attorney who knows the legal pitfalls and could come up with the best defence strategies to counter attack the prosecution charges and save your interests in the case

If you are arrested on some kind drug related charge then you are in need of a professional traffic tickets defense lawyer Houston to fight against the charges. If you are located in Houston then here at glaw.me you can find best drug possession lawyer. To get details, please Traffic Ticket Lawyer Houston our web site.


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