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We live in a time when each of us has a device in our pocket, with which you can get an answer to any question, build a route to anywhere in the world, watch a movie and much more. Naturally, due to the frantic growth of technology, people began to feel more comfortable and safe, since almost any issue can be solved by pressing a couple of buttons on the smartphone. It is very relaxing.

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How to become a survivor. Five easy steps

Given the pandemic situation and the precarious situation of the economy, it is not surprising that people are more interested in how to survive after our society has experienced a significant shift. Remove a seemingly small puzzle piece from the system, such as gasoline available, and find that your local grocery store runs out of products in a couple of days.

Learning the basic survival skills without modern amenities is what helps you prepare for such unpredictable shifts. And, the skills that you will hone in the learning process - self-sufficiency, the ability to solve problems and quick wits will certainly benefit you in ordinary life.

1. Keep fit. This is perhaps the most important in survival. The cardiovascular system, which is in order, will mean that you can work, harvest your own food, and produce any other physical activity that becomes necessary when you live outside of society. Keeping your muscles in good shape is key to logging, building housing, and will generally be beneficial when physical skills become as important as your intellectual abilities again.

2. Learn basic life skills in the wild. To get started, make some effort to learn basic orientation skills outside of your comfort zone. To get started, master the skills of making a fire without a newspaper and a lighter. Look for information on how to build a shelter and find water. Three of these basic skills are not easy to master, but they will be very useful if you are suddenly left without electricity, heat and running water.

3. Reasonably invest in goods. Now that you have shown your intention to survive, having mastered several basic skills, you can think about acquiring goods that will make your life easier after the possible collapse of society. Although, of course, you should not run to local supermarkets and “everything for hunting and fishing”, where you can easily squander all your savings that were postponed for a rainy day. Consider the benefits of certain things and the budget.

* stock up on canned food - fish, bean, fruit and soups
* make supplies of butter, sugar, salt, rice, lentils, and any other cereals you like
* Get rechargeable LED flashlights for yourself and your whole family
* store several containers with water
* assemble a first-aid kit with everything you need
* acquire weapons and stock up on ammo

4. Find out how to feed yourself. No matter how much food you stock, a closet cannot feed you forever. Anyone who knows how to survive should know how to feed themselves when difficult times come. These skills include growing food, the ability to store it, as well as fishing and hunting. Store the seeds, and start with a small vegetable garden. Find out how to find and identify edible and medicinal plants in your area. If you have never hunted, start small. Find, catch, kill and cook a rabbit or squirrel.

5. Learn long forgotten skills. Even before the era of all-in-one supermarkets, people knew how to survive year-round. In winter, when there were no fresh fruits and vegetables, people ate canned, pickled, salted, smoked and other types of food prepared for the winter.

Candles brought valuable warmth and light, and home-made soap helped to keep myself clean. All these skills will not only help to survive, but also make life a little more enjoyable.

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Survivor's Refuge

Long before the start of the Great Pandemic, wealthy citizens were seriously puzzled by the acquisition of such a necessary thing in the household as their own bunker. Demand generated offers and created an entire industry specializing in preserving the life and health of citizens and members of their families, not burdened with material problems. For some, it has become something akin to owning a status car, or rather an armored one.

The first to the masses such "toys" went, of course, in the West, with its manic need for enemies, whether it was the former USSR or the new idea of the zombie apocalypse. Enterprising citizens quickly dawned on a highly profitable direction in business. Various types of shelters and bunkers were offered to potential customers, from standard ones to capable of withstanding significant loads. The level of autonomy and security directly depended on the desire of the client. History is silent about the number of such objects, and it is unlikely that they will be indicated in guidebooks.

And finally it happened. It happened, as always, unexpectedly for everyone. And, to the surprise of many, they found that they had such a shelter, even those who had never planned to have their own comfortable bunker to the best of their ability. The regimes of self-isolation and restrictions introduced around the world very accurately showed people about the reality of being in such conditions. What each person feels locked up at home is familiar to each of us. We were not deprived of the opportunity to breathe fresh air, we saw the sun, sometimes we could even go outside under any pretext. And most importantly, we remained in extremely familiar and in most cases comfortable conditions. And even in such "educational" conditions for many were unbearable. Depression and psychosis, conflicts and outbursts of aggression clearly showed all the difficulties of being locked up.

If we omit the issues of comfort and the availability of food, clean air and water, suppose there is no need for an urgent call of a doctor, it becomes clear that life in the bunker is an extremely difficult task. I will not talk about the need to receive news "from above" and the desire to see the sky, and the presence of qualified medical care.

And it turns out that the real period of stay in such facilities by one person or family can be from 4 to 6 months. Even taking into account the almost ideal conditions inside. About any years in my opinion, there can be no question. As an option for a longer stay in such shelters, it is worth considering the placement of several families or dozens of people. To ensure an elementary level of communication and minimal psychological comfort.

You do not need to bother with studying your route in advance or constantly think about how to warm yourself, as everywhere and everyone has heating. This is all great and wonderful, and you, dear reader, can consider me old-fashioned, but there are different situations in life and you don’t have to go far for examples. Recently, a snow storm "Emma" hit Britain. People were not ready for such a disaster and, as a result, more than 50 victims were recorded (many due to frostbite) and the country suffered daily losses of $ 1.4 billion per day for at least a week!

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