Wood, Metal, Bamboo Or Leather Platform, Which Is The Best?

Wood, Metal, Bamboo Or Leather Platform, Which Is The Best?

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Description Wood, Metal, Bamboo Or Leather Platform, Which Is The Best?


Different materials are used in the construction and manufacture of platform beds. The number is literally infinite, as our earth has so many more to offer. However, wood, metal, bamboo, and leather are among the commonest in use today. Each of these has its own strengths and weaknesses. They also have areas of application different from each other.

Most importantly, they possess varying levels of preference by people. In this article, we will consider each of them as used in platform beds and how they compare to each other. Ultimately, it will be determined which of the four is the best, if any. Read also https://platformbedexpert.com/best-full-size-platform-bed-reviews/

1) Wood platform

Traditionally, wood is the most common material currently being used in the construction of furniture. As such, it is the most widespread material available. Wood has its strengths and weaknesses. It is a relatively light material that makes for less bulky platforms. It is relatively cheap hence doesn’t burn a hole through your pockets buying wooden platforms. Wood is also more available relatively. However, it is a lovely material if finished with all the right designs.

Nonetheless, wood is not the most durable material, and wooden platforms might not support a significant loading. They might buck under the extra weight. Wood is also flammable, and fire retardant varnish should be used when coating it. Too much humidity or moisture also ruins wood.

2) Metal platform

Metal is a material that is quickly gaining headway in the field of making furniture. It is being used to build platform beds. Metal, with the right designs, coating, and shapes, really makes durable, sleek, and sturdy platform beds. Alloys of metals can be made to achieve particular qualities depending on the design requirements of the beds. It has its strengths and weaknesses too. For one, it is relatively stable and can support the extra weight put on it better. Besides being durable, it is easy to work with and mold into different shapes altogether. Metal also responds better to repeated stresses before collapsing under all the fatigue.

Though metal has the strengths mentioned, it has its shortfalls too. Rusting of metals that haven’t been well coated with paint or galvanized is a possibility. The extra weight that comes with using metal might be disadvantageous to the bed if it needs to be mobile. Cost-wise, metals are relatively more expensive than other materials for building beds. Minerals are also less available than other materials used to make platform beds and may need to be outsourced. If you are looking for the best platform bed, then visit here https://platformbedexpert.com

3) Bamboo platform


Bamboo has been used to make furniture for a very long time, especially along with areas along coasts where the tree grows freely. In platform beds, bamboo is used to make the frame, headboards, and footboards alike. It gives such beds an exotic, traditional, and unconventional modern look.

In terms of look, bamboo, with the right designs, can be made into a quality and beautiful-looking bed that blends well with the room in which it is placed. It performs better when exposed to water conditions than average wood; hence it isn’t easily affected by the humidity in coastal areas and, as such, can be used outdoors. Maintenance-wise, it is relatively easy to maintain bamboo since it doesn’t require after-sale service like a painting. It is a readily available material, and its costs come close to that of using regular wood. Contrary to expectation, bamboo gains value after it is used since it can be sold as an antique item for a price close to or higher than its original cost.

4) Leather platform

These types of beds are relatively new in the market for bedroom furniture. Leather comes in two primary forms, faux leather (artificial leather) and real leather (animal hide leather). Depending on the client’s stand on using animal products, they have those two choices of leather. Both, if sourced and treated well, can make for exquisite finishes on platform beds and blend in well with the room and surroundings in general. Commonly, leather is taken as a material that gives an aura of danger, fearlessness, and/or disregard of caution. For couples, choosing a leather platform bed is a bid towards spicing up the bedroom to make it more comfortable and make their matrimonial bed better.


Leather has low maintenance requirements compared to other materials used in making beds. It is easy to clean using a damp cloth, regularly or after time. Leather offers a wide range of color choices for the clients, too, depending on their tastes. It provides strength and durability since leather experiences very little wear and tears with time, except deliberate slashes in the material. It is also a material that stays in fashion no matter how long after purchase it is.

Disadvantages of leather can be avoided to some extent with the right amount of care in use. Leather collects dirt, and these may cause marks in the material if not cleaned as required. This material is prone to stretching, and these become stretch marks that look ugly in the long run, especially in lighter shades of leather (stretching is unavoidable). In tropical and Mediterranean regions, leather beds become very hot, and this isn’t preferable for rest. Both types of leather can be costly depending on what quality is being chosen for the platform bed.


In conclusion, the decision on which material is the best for use in the full size platform bed ultimately depends on the client’s preference and needs. It cannot be matter-of-factly stated that this particular material is the best platform bed, and it should be preferred as a first choice before the rest. The best is relative and will depend solely on the strengths that a client wants and the weaknesses that they can bear with. He/she should pick a material that best suits their requirements for the bed. It should also be chosen based on which tickles their fancy. Once this is done, the client can ultimately invest in acquiring the platform bed of their dreams.
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