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Description If you are trying to figure out how to use the microwave oven, you are in the right place! Remember that with the microwave oven , in addition to heating and defrosting food, you can also cook . The cooking in the microwave oven is quicker than the more traditional boiling, it must be said, however, that with the microwave you cut the time it takes to boil water and it is possible to steam . How to use the microwave Before seeing what you can cook in the microwave oven , let's see which dishes are best cooked with traditional methods, both for a matter of final rendering of the dish, and for an energy question. Avoid cooking risotto. Avoid cooking sweets in the microwave that require browning. Bread and pizza can be heated but not cooked, traditionally these foods need to be cooked by radiation, therefore they go in the traditional oven or at most in the combined microwave . Avoid mixed cooking, half with a stove and half with a microwave, they are very dispersive both in terms of energy and time. The microwave can be very useful for defrosting frozen food and for heating food. Below we will see the power to be set for defrosting and heating.
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