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Gimmer,Masna,Mr.Been! ("Co máme za sebou a co před sebou, je málo důležité ve srovnání s...")
grmbl ("Ich bin damals zu Zeiten von SETI@home Classic auf network computing aufmerksam geworden....")
Gio ("Hello, I'm Marty Feldman .... ops... I'm Gio from Varese, working in industrial...")
Grizz ("I live in Aurora Ontario where I started to crunch the numbers with the original SETI....")
Guy Pauwels ("Like all BOINC.BE members, I suffer from a serious infliction called Boincitis. It is...")
Greg C. TNO ("Hi, just a regular guy who's hobby got out of hand. (There's my kiddo, he's a blast!) I've...")
GalaxyIce ("mostly harmless...")
Gary ("Hello")
Greg* ("Arf. Né en 1969, 3 enfants et un peu Geek sur les bords. Technicien informatique dans la...")
Giaur ("Witam, pracujê i mieszkam w P³ocku. Jestem z zawodu informatykiem. Mam 29 lat.")

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