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wdsmia (".")
William Senn ("Hi, My name is William Senn and I'm a computerengineer....")
wenmao ("I am one of the members of , the biggest distributed computing information website...")
WNj ("Moin, I am Wilhelm, born 1966 in Brunswik, working half time for a small real estate...")
WyerByter ("I am WyerByter. I live in a place filled with chunks of plastic, burnt metal and the smell...")
Woody Woodpecker ("My name is Woodpecker, Woody Woodpecker")
w313g ("For more information and pictures of me please go to my homepage...")
werwolf (" user team") ("About me: I am working for a company that sells network equipment, especialy computer...")
Wespo ("Hello, Jestem z Chorzowa, mam 25 lat i chcê zmieniæ ¦wiat ;P")

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