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Last updated 26 May 2024, 19:05:05 UTC

Conan ("Can you imagine how many lost and listless souls would be lounging around being bored if it...")
[B^S] Zain Upton ("Slowly aging, feeling no older. BOINC Synergy for #1 ** About me ** I currently live...")
vaughan ("I'm the Co-site Admin at the AMD Users Distributed Computing Team forum")
Vamp ("I am currently working on my team totals for Boinc@Australia. I have to say the best team...")
PeterHallgarten ("I am an amateur radio operator VK3AVE from from way back when (well 25+ years). I am...")
KozmoRacer (".")
bradders ("I live in Canberra. I keep two small organic vegetable gardens and my wife loves the...")
Trog Dog ("Stark raving BOINCers! I've been bitten by the BOINC bug. I started off with SETI...")
Michelle ("Hi there. Michelle from Australia here. I've been proudly shrubbing for the Knights Who...")

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