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Ralph@home is the official alpha test project for Rosetta@home. New application versions, work units, and updates in general will be tested here before being used for production on Rosetta@home. The goal for Ralph@home is to improve Rosetta@home.

Please consider the following before deciding to join Ralph@home:

  • Since this project is a testing environment, applications and work units may be unstable at times.
  • Credits and other competitive statistics do not mean anything in this test project. Credits may be lost due to instabilities and may be reset at any time for testing.
  • There will not be a continual flow of work units. Work units will be issued only when necessary for testing.
  • We urge participants to not abort work units to help with testing.
Please join us in our efforts!

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Ralph@home and Rosetta@home are not for profit.

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Greetings from Poland.
As of 20 Mar 2023, 15:00:02 UTC [ Scheduler running ]
Total queued jobs: 0
In progress: 0
Successes last 24h: 0
Users (last day ): 5,557 (+1)
Hosts (last day ): 23,553 (+3)
Credits last 24h : 0
Total credits : 175,925,851
TeraFLOPS estimate: 0.000


Rosetta version 4.23 released for testing
The Rosetta application has been updated to include a protocol named GALigandDock that will be used to screen an ultra-large library of small molecules for drug discovery. Please report any issue in the discussion thread here:
10 Mar 2023, 22:16:18 UTC · Discuss

Scheduler update for more accurate job cache
We updated the scheduler to use the optional user defined cpu run time preference for the estimated run time. Hopefully this should produce a more accurate job cache. Please post issues regarding this updae in the discussion.
2 May 2020, 20:04:35 UTC · Discuss

Rosetta version 4.20 released for testing
This version includes a fallback to the original method of extracting into the slot directory for each job if extracting into the project directory fails.

Please provide feedback in the discussion thread.
1 May 2020, 3:32:50 UTC · Discuss

Rosetta version 4.18 released for testing
Please provide feedback in the discussion thread.
30 Apr 2020, 17:11:45 UTC · Discuss

New application version 4.17 graphics has issues.
A new application was released that includes improvements to the database extraction method. Unfortunately, there is an issue with the graphics application in this update. We are working on a fix.
28 Apr 2020, 16:25:18 UTC · Discuss

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